Thursday, 9 July 2015

Breaking News: a London based English Metal Trading Company

Breaking News: a London based English Metal Trading Company “Wogen Resources” is involved in Trading with Sudan despite Sanctions

The EU and the UK currently have sanctions in place against numerous countries, or certain individuals and entities from or within those countries. Sudan is one of the list of those countries, However we see some British companies still doing business with Sudan undercover, we have come to realize that Wogen Resources a London Base Metal Trading Company in Westminster has been engaging in such trading activities, below is a skype conversation we have received from an identified source discussing their business in Sudan by one of their Directors Nick Cartwright and also confirming the personal involvement of their other directors Allan Kerr

[6/16/2014 1:27:30 PM] waelayyad123: but nick this is good news
[6/16/2014 1:27:36 PM] waelayyad123: they can do it through Sudan
[6/16/2014 1:27:39 PM] Nick Cartwright: hope there's still a margin with the iron ore price at 88
[6/16/2014 1:27:51 PM] waelayyad123: trust me there is
[6/16/2014 1:27:53 PM] Nick Cartwright: also need a good inspection company
[6/16/2014 1:28:14 PM] Nick Cartwright: we've had loads of problems with inspection companies in Sudan

[6/16/2014 1:28:29 PM] Nick Cartwright: chrome ore losing 20% of its chrome etc!
[6/16/2014 1:28:37 PM] waelayyad123: i know
[6/16/2014 1:28:46 PM] waelayyad123: but this can be handled differently
[6/16/2014 1:28:52 PM] waelayyad123: which inspection compnaies you use
[6/16/2014 1:29:10 PM] Nick Cartwright: BV, RC
[6/16/2014 1:29:36 PM] Nick Cartwright: the problem is the port authorities will only let them do stockpile and not on loading

[6/16/2014 1:29:46 PM] Nick Cartwright: has to be a local company on loading
[6/16/2014 1:29:54 PM] waelayyad123: whats the company name
[6/16/2014 1:30:41 PM] waelayyad123: we need to do ourt homework
[6/16/2014 1:30:46 PM] waelayyad123: beofreapraching the bank
[6/16/2014 1:30:55 PM] waelayyad123: the bank has allot of influece in Sudan
[6/16/2014 1:31:38 PM] waelayyad123: do you TrsutBorriss inspection
[6/16/2014 1:32:51 PM] Nick Cartwright: i would only trust companies that will fly in and do the insopection like RC

[6/16/2014 1:32:57 PM] Nick Cartwright: thats what we've had to do with boris
[6/16/2014 1:33:23 PM] waelayyad123: but he seems not very knoweldgable
[6/16/2014 1:33:48 PM] Nick Cartwright: he's more knowlegable than us in sudan though
[6/16/2014 1:33:54 PM] Nick Cartwright: he's been there long enough
[6/16/2014 1:34:11 PM] waelayyad123: but he seems not to be doing a good job
[6/16/2014 1:35:03 PM] waelayyad123: these guys would fiaqnce all our operation in Sudan
[6/16/2014 1:35:11 PM] waelayyad123: and they are very helpful
[6/16/2014 1:35:21 PM] waelayyad123: we might need to both see them in Sudan
[6/16/2014 1:35:30 PM] waelayyad123: are you having a trip or Allan there soon
[6/16/2014 1:36:20 PM] Nick Cartwright: allan's been there twice
[6/16/2014 1:36:27 PM] Nick Cartwright: and not sure he wants to go again!
[6/16/2014 1:36:42 PM] waelayyad123: i am sure he does not like it
[6/16/2014 1:36:44 PM] waelayyad123: who does
[6/16/2014 1:36:48 PM] Nick Cartwright: think i may have met arab bank last time i went there
[6/16/2014 1:37:15 PM] Nick Cartwright: boris was trying to get a bank account!
[6/16/2014 1:37:28 PM] waelayyad123: yes but we are taling to the owners

[6/16/2014 1:37:40 PM] waelayyad123: who own 25% of the bank maybe a bit less
[6/16/2014 1:37:52 PM] Nick Cartwright: pk
[6/16/2014 1:37:56 PM] Nick Cartwright: ok
[6/16/2014 1:38:18 PM] Nick Cartwright: for iron ore, i thought there was just the government tender
[6/16/2014 1:38:27 PM] waelayyad123: borris is too young and we need someone more representablle than Borris 

[6/16/2014 1:38:40 PM] Nick Cartwright: fair enough
[6/16/2014 1:39:55 PM] waelayyad123: what about you and me
[6/16/2014 1:40:47 PM] Nick Cartwright: im not spending time there
[6/16/2014 1:40:52 PM] waelayyad123: they could fund us initialy at 5million
[6/16/2014 1:40:53 PM] Nick Cartwright: happy to go out
[6/16/2014 1:41:11 PM] Nick Cartwright: what is the material?
[6/16/2014 1:41:14 PM] waelayyad123: Nick you know the marketo
[6/16/2014 1:41:22 PM] waelayyad123: you have done chrome ore from Sudan
[6/16/2014 1:41:28 PM] waelayyad123: you have the most knowledge
[6/16/2014 1:41:31 PM] Nick Cartwright: !!